Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

On October 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed concerns about the United States’ actions in the Middle East, particularly the deployment of an aircraft carrier group to the region. He emphasized the need for “compromise solutions” and hoped for a resolution based on common sense.

Putin characterized the recent escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians as a clear example of the failure of U.S. policy in the Middle East. He believed that this policy overlooked the Palestinians’ needs. The situation intensified following a surprise attack by Hamas militants on Israel, leading U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to announce the movement of a carrier strike group, including the USS Gerald R. Ford, closer to Israel.

During an energy conference in Moscow, Putin criticized the U.S. decision, which had also drawn sharp criticism from Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Putin questioned the purpose of deploying aircraft carrier groups in the Mediterranean Sea, wondering if their intention was to target Lebanon or intimidate someone. He stressed that this approach would not lead to a resolution and only exacerbated the situation.

Putin, who was already in a standoff with the West over Ukraine, accused the U.S. of bypassing established processes for addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, attempting to resolve fundamental issues on its own, and making unfounded accusations against Iran. He expressed hope for a more rational approach.

Tehran had denied involvement in the Hamas attack on Israel. Putin described the violence in Israel as distressing and emphasized that a comprehensive solution to the conflict required addressing key issues, including the establishment of a Palestinian state.

He warned that any further escalation in the conflict zone could have significant consequences for various sectors, such as logistics, insurance, and freight, though energy production itself would likely remain unaffected. These developments could impact global energy markets.

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