Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Andy Robertson

Today’s update on Liverpool’s team health focuses on the latest status of Andy Robertson’s injury, potentially affecting his availability for the upcoming Everton clash at Anfield Stadium.

The recent development concerning Andy Robertson‘s injury is a setback, as detailed in the Liverpool World report. During Scotland’s match against Spain, the esteemed full-back had to leave the field due to a shoulder injury, with his arm supported in a makeshift sling.

The timing of the Andy Robertson injury is less than ideal for Jurgen Klopp, given the imminent Merseyside derby following the international break. While awaiting further updates on Robertson’s condition, it’s clear that his premature return from international duty doesn’t bode well for his recovery.

Scotland’s manager, Steve Clarke, expressed his disappointment at the loss of Tierney, emphasizing the impact of losing a key player, especially one as influential as Robertson. Clarke highlighted the unfortunate timing of Robertson’s injury, compounded by the absence of fellow full-back Kieran Tierney, as Scotland readies to confront France.

Andy Robertson

“We’ll have a look and he’ll go back to his club now. It always seems to happen when you lose one player in a position. We lose Kieran [Tierney] then Andy picks up a shoulder injury. We’ll see how it is and how it settles down. Hopefully he’s good for his club as soon as possible and ready to help us in November.” – Steve Clarke (quoted via Liverpool World)

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