Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
Gary Neville

Manchester United legend boldly predicts “Arsenal to win the league”

In his recent podcast, former Manchester United legend Gary Neville shared his insights on the Premier League title race. Arsenal’s recent victory against Bournemouth solidified their position in the competition, with four wins and two draws in six games. Manchester City’s loss to Wolves and Tottenham’s last-minute win against Liverpool narrowed the gap between Arsenal and the leaders.

Manchester United Icon Gary Neville Believes Arsenal Can Win the Title This Season

Neville expressed his belief in Arsenal’s potential to clinch the title this season, citing their victory in the Community Shield as a confidence booster. He emphasized the importance of composure and ruthlessness, especially as challenging games lie ahead. He noted that while City has a history of bouncing back from losses, Arsenal’s strong performance could inspire confidence in the team.

“I just want them to have composure and be a bit more ruthless. Big tests are coming and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens, because it won’t all be about Manchester City this season”, said the United legend on The Gary Neville Podcast.

Regarding City’s recent losses to Wolverhampton in the Premier League and Newcastle in the EFL Cup, Neville acknowledged that even top teams like City can have off days, making them appear more vulnerable.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and player Martin Odegaard also addressed City’s loss, with Arteta emphasizing the need for consistency in the team’s performance. He acknowledged that winning every game in a packed schedule is challenging and emphasized the long nature of the season, comparing it to a marathon.


Arsenal faced a setback in the title race after a draw against Tottenham last weekend, dropping crucial points. Despite this, Neville remains optimistic, believing that Arsenal will respond positively to such challenges this season. “They’ll face those moments in the season, they’ll be confident that they are back in the title race. The gap isn’t going to four points or six, when you wonder if you will ever catch them.”

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