Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Reports from England suggest that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is actively pursuing the Premier League’s assist leader for a January signing.

Arsenal and their North London rivals, Spurs, have remained undefeated in the Premier League this season, marking an impressive streak. Arteta has sustained the team’s momentum from the previous season, positioning the Gunners as potential title contenders once again. However, Arteta is now emphasizing the need for resilience and depth among his players.

Crucial to Arsenal’s performance this season will be their activity in the January transfer window. Arteta sees this as an opportunity to bolster his squad and introduce fresh talent. He has already identified several potential targets for the upcoming transfer window.

One player on Arteta’s radar is Wolves forward Pedro Neto, according to a report from the Mirror. Arsenal’s interest in Neto remains strong, and there is speculation that Arteta might make a move for the talented forward in the January transfer window.


Right now, Pedro Neto is leading the Premier League with 4 assists, making him a standout player this season. His exceptional performance has been crucial for Wolves, elevating them to midtable against all odds.

Bukayo Saka’s recent injury scare has highlighted the need for Mikel Arteta to find a backup right winger. While it’s challenging to find someone as good as the English winger, having a backup who can offer healthy competition would be a valuable addition to the team.



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